Anshul Specialty Business Area

About Our Company

Anshul Specialty Molecules Manufacturer of specialty chemical. Our product range comprises of, Intermediates For APIs, Ingredients For Flavours & Fragrances  and Custom Synthesis. We are an ISO __ certified. Our manufacturing facility is located at Roha , Raigad district Maharashtra state, India.

Anshul Specialty Molecules Private Limited  founded 5 decades ago and promoted by the visionary Shroff Family that has a chemical stronghold not only on Indian Shores but the world over.

We Manufacturer of specialty chemical with a sustained market presence spanning over _ countries in the world offering our products to some of the largest industrial and chemical companies across US, Europe and Asia.

ASMPL as Part of Excel group of Companies the Company core values of “People, Planet, Profit” and seek to balance the needs of each of these pillars. The future beckons and we look forward with excitement to developing innovations and breakthrough ideas.


Chemical Factories


Set up in 1983, our Lote Parashuram facility is situated 250 kms from Mumbai city. It is part of a major chemicals manufacturing hub and benefits from extensive transport and power infrastructure in its vicinity. The Lote Parashuram site manufactures a wide range of specialty and performance chemicals.

We are a leading producer of Organophosphonates which are used as chelating agents in a wide range of applications including water treatment, soaps and detergents, textile auxiliaries and I & I cleaners. The Lote site also features a dedicated and self contained cGMP compliant pharmaceutical plant for dedicated production of pharmaceutical APIs and advanced intermediates. The plant integrates a dedicated research setup for developing pharmaceutical processes in partnership with clients as well as isolated storage facilities and stability study setup.