Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) Policy

At Anshul Specialty Molecules Private Limited, we hold the utmost commitment to safeguarding the environment, prioritizing the safety of our employees, and promoting the health and well-being of all stakeholders. Our Environmental, Safety, and Health (EHS) policy underscores our dedication to responsible practices that harmonize industrial progress with sustainability and human welfare.


Key Commitments:

Compliance: We uphold stringent adherence to all applicable environmental, safety, and health regulations. Our operations are conducted in compliance with national and international standards.  Continuous Improvement: We are dedicated to the continuous enhancement of our EHS practices. Regular assessments and feedback mechanisms drive us to refine our processes for better environmental outcomes, enhanced safety measures, and improved health initiatives.

Engagement and Communication: We foster open communication with all stakeholders, ensuring that they are informed about our ESH policies and practices. We actively seek feedback to enhance our approach.  Training and Empowerment: We equip our employees with the necessary skills and knowledge to uphold EHS standards. By fostering a sense of ownership and accountability, we empower them to contribute to our EHS goals.

Leadership Accountability:

Our leadership is fully accountable for implementing and upholding our EHS policies. They provide the necessary resources and support to ensure that EHS considerations are integrated into all aspects of our operations.

Transparency and Reporting:

We believe in transparency and accountability. We regularly report our EHS performance, objectives, and initiatives to stakeholders, promoting an environment of trust and openness.

Our Principles:

Environmental Stewardship: We are devoted to minimizing our ecological impact by implementing resource-efficient practices, reducing waste generation, conserving energy, and adhering to environmentally conscious technologies.

Safety First: Our paramount focus is the safety of our employees, partners, and communities. We establish a culture of safety through robust protocols, training, and risk assessments to prevent accidents and ensure a secure work environment.

Health and Well-being: We promote a culture of health and well-being, fostering an environment that prioritizes physical and mental wellness. Our initiatives encompass medical support, awareness programs, and preventive healthcare measures.



Anshul Specialty Molecules Pvt Limited’s EHS policy reflects our unwavering commitment to responsible practices that not only drive our business but also protect the environment, ensure the safety of our workforce, and promote the well-being of our stakeholders. By aligning our operations with sustainable and ethical principles, we are paving the way for a safer, healthier, and more sustainable future for all.