Bis 2-Chloroethyl Amine HCl

Bis 2-Chloroethyl Amine HCl

Bis 2-Chloroethyl Amine HCl  (CAS No. 821-48-7) is used to manufacture APIs like Aripiprazole, Batoprazine, Cyclophosphamide, Eltoprazine hydrochloride, Estramustine phosphate, Ifosfamide, Itraconazole, Ketoconazole, Lensiprazine, Naluzotan, Trazodone.

mechlorethamine hydrochloride, or Bis 2-Chloroethyl Amine HCl, is an important chemotherapy drug with a significant historical role in cancer treatment, despite its limitations and adverse effects.

Product Name                                       :

Bis 2-Chloroethyl Amine HCl

Synonyms                                             :

Mustine hydrochloride , Mechlorethamine HCl , Nitrogen mustard hydrochloride , HN2 hydrochloride , Mustargen

Manufacturer                                        :

Anshul Specialty Molecules Private Ltd.


Ingredient                                        :

Bis 2-Chloroethyl Amine HCl

CAS No.                                         :


EINECS No                                     :

Molecular Formula                         :


Methyl oxalyl chloride

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