2,4-Dichlorobenzyl Chloride

2,4-Dichlorobenzyl Chloride

2,4-Dichlorobenzyl chloride is a chemical compound with the molecular formula C7H5Cl3. 2,4-Dichlorobenzyl chloride is an important compound in organic synthesis, contributing to various applications in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Product Name                                       :

2,4-Dichlorobenzyl Chloride

Synonyms                                             :

Dichloromethyl 2,4-dichlorobenzenesulfonate , 2,4-Dichlorobenzyl chloride

Manufacturer                                        :

Anshul Specialty Molecules Private Ltd.


Ingredient                                        :

2,4-Dichlorobenzyl Chloride

CAS No.                                         :


EINECS No                                     :

Molecular Formula                         :


Methyl oxalyl chloride
  • Usage:

    • Chemical Intermediate: It is primarily used as an intermediate in the synthesis of other chemicals.
    • Pesticides: It may be used in the synthesis of certain pesticides.
    • Pharmaceuticals: It can be used in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals.
  • Safety:  As with all chemical compounds, proper handling and safety precautions should be followed due to its potential hazards, including being a skin and eye irritant.

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