2 Amino Benzophenone

2 Amino Benzophenone

2-Amino Benzophenone, also known as o-Aminobenzophenone or 2-aminodiphenyl ketone, is a chemical compound with the molecular formula C₁₃H₁₁NO.   2-Amino Benzophenone is an important chemical compound with significant industrial applications, particularly in UV protection and polymer chemistry.

Product Name                                       :

2 Amino Benzophenone

Synonyms                                             :

2-Aminobenzophenone , 2-Aminodiphenyl ketone , o-Amino diphenyl ketone , Benzophenone-2-amine


Manufacturer                                        :

Anshul Specialty Molecules Private Ltd.


Ingredient                                        :

2 Amino Benzophenone

CAS No.                                         :

98 2835-77-0

EINECS No                                     :

Molecular Formula                         :


Methyl oxalyl chloride
  • Usage:

    • UV Absorber: It is often used as a UV absorber in various industrial and cosmetic applications to protect against UV radiation.
    • Intermediate: It serves as an intermediate in the synthesis of various organic compounds.
  • Safety and Hazards:

    • As with handling any chemical, precautions should be taken. It is advisable to consult safety data sheets (SDS) for specific handling instructions, storage conditions, and hazards associated with 2-Amino Benzophenone.
  • Synthesis:

    • It can be synthesized through various routes, including condensation reactions involving aniline and benzoyl chloride, among others.
  • Applications:

    • Due to its UV-absorbing properties, it finds applications in sunscreen formulations and as a photoinitiator in the production of polymer materials sensitive to UV light.
  • Regulation:

    • Regulatory requirements vary by region. It is important to adhere to local regulations and guidelines when handling and using 2-Amino Benzophenone.

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